Somerset West, South Africa

Performing Arts Academy

For The Best Four Years of Your Life

The course available within the Performing Arts Academy has been specially designed for those who dream of taking performance and making a lifelong profession of it.

Here at Performing Arts Academy we are focused on the individual and strive to cater to the individual needs and desired outcome of his or her future. We try to limit our first year intake to 10-12 per year. With this in mind, we strive to cater to the individual needs and desired outcome for his or her future. Our purpose is to recognise each student’s ability and talents in order to arrange the course in such a way as to bring out these talents and strengths in each student. We take each student at their personal level of ability and endeavour to develop this into the highest feasible outcome possible in each subject.

All our subjects are internationally accredited, so you would be able to walk directly into the industry right across the world and not just be subjected to work in South-Africa.

Accredited Performance and Teachers Diplomas with

  • Trinity College of London
  • London College of Music
  • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)
  • Association of International Dance Teachers (AIDT)
  • Theatre Dance Association (TDA)