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Thank you for considering Pneumatix as your option for a Life-Changing experience in 2019.  Pneumatix is an Intramural Training Centre situated in Somerset West, Cape Town, RSA. Pneumatix is leading students into their future unlike anything you will find anywhere else.

Courses for 2019

Pneukleus – The Ultimate GAP Year
Do you need to fill in the GAP intentionally?

So if you are tired of just the same old, same old and you want a life changing year.

Pneukleus , the Ultimate GAP year is for you. Are you ready to invest a year of your life? Give one year and benefit for eternity. Your benefit begins for you personally as you “study to show yourself approved”, building a strong foundation of faith and character, enabling you to give yourself away to those in need. As a part of the Pneukleus student body, you will be integral in seeing lives changed in a country of extremes, with various service projects aimed to aid the communities of South Africa.  Then to top it off, Pneukleus offers adventure through various camps, team building experiences and outreaches.  So let the adventure begin and join now.

Make sure you check out the detailed Pneukleus information available to you on the website,  Pneukleus brings balance to the whole person, body, soul and spirit.

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Pneu Academy
Pneumatix offers unique opportunities within the tertiary education context. Students interested in studying various courses through distance learning institutions, may register with Pneumatix for the total Pneumatix experience WHILE they study. Don’t stay at home and study while gaining NO experience and learning ONLY the academic aspects of your chosen direction. Pneumatix can offer so much more, that even regular universities can not (in fact many institutions are now being compelled to offer Practical/Experience Integrated Learning as part of their curriculum.

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Performing Arts

Developed to train students with a potential to make a career in Musical Theatre for stage and Camera performance. We aim to elevate our applicants to an intense level of professionalism. Students have the choice to specialise in performance or teaching. The training we provide will enable students to create their own work, as well as prepare for auditions. As is the industry, this course is not for the faint hearted.

Our courses are unique in the sense that we do not only offer the theoretical & academic training but also a very practical approach in these disciplines to make this a unique experience for every student. We also offer personal coaching & development through our dedicated staff to make an impact in every student’s life.

Your application will be subject to the decision of a selection panel. As soon as you are selected an enrollment fee of R9000 is payable to ensure your place in the team. The 2017 Finance Booklet with revised prices is available on request by emailing Michelle at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For any further questions; queries you can contact Michelle at the following number: Office +27 21 858 1877 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. during office hours.

Read the following instructions closely before completing the application form.

  1. Complete the entire form. Please write in black ink and block letters.
  2. This form is strictly confidential!! Because of the enormous demands that a year in Pneumatix brings, and so that you don’t have any regrets, we ask that you complete this form as honestly as possible. Try to stay confined in the available space given when giving remarks, but ensure that each question is answered clearly and completely.
  3. You need to enclose the following when sending us your application form:
    • 2 x Certified Copies of your ID Document
    • 2 x Certified Copies of your LATEST Statement of School Results
    • Certified Copies of any other Qualifications obtained
    • 2 x Most Recent Passport Photo's (Colour)
    • Copy of Medical Aid Card (Back & Front)
    • Completed Application form (pages 3 - 9)
    • Letter about “Why Study” (1-2 pages)
    • Letter about “Faith” (1-2 pages)
    • Minister/Pastor Recommendation form
    • (Must be posted or faxed by the Minister/Pastor personally to our office 0866 954 763)
    • 1 x Teacher/Tutor Recommendation form (Person who recommend you must posted or faxed recommendation directly to our office 0866 954 763)
    • Application/Interview fee R400 (no cheques will be accepted)
As soon as you send in your Application forms the sooner you will know the results. We will give you a telephone call as soon as we receive your application forms.
NB!!! Please note that your application will be withdrawn should the information supplied by applicant be incomplete, false or misleading.

Send completed forms and application fee to:

Pneumatix Applications 2019
ATT: Michelle Stander
PO Box 247
Somerset West

Pneumatix Bank details:

Pneumatix PBO Trust
Absa Bank
Account nr: 405 243 8512
Branch code: 632005
Cheque account
Always use Name & Surname 2019 as reference for payment
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